Computer crash

Wearing: Zara boyfriend jeans, H&M top & blazer, Steve Madden heels, Asos four finger ring

Right after my last blog post my computer shut down. Black screen, no reaction to my
screaming and punching. I tried starting up again and for a minute it seemed to work, but then
my laptop fell out again. Luckily, I was in a good mood and was actually able to just
call my parents to share my grief. Then, I came to my senses again and wisely thought that
it had to be due to my battery so I ordered a new one. Meanwhile, I noticed life can be pretty damn boring,
but challenging without a computer. So here I am, happily using my
laptop again. However, I tend to be cautious on cheering cause I know that my laptop needs replacement.
Till then, I hope I can keep blogging regularly. Here’s another outfit post.

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