Just a few days until I leave for China and Japan and OMG I am so so excited! The weather is getting better in China and Japan, so I will be taking my sunglasses with me. Unfortunately the blossoms will be gone by then, but I was able to find me some beautiful blossom trees in Amsterdam so of course I had to take some pics!

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Aren’t these the most beautiful trees out there? I would almost forget that this blogpost is about my outfit, haha.

So what am I wearing? Well, I especially wanted to photograph my new sunglasses. In a previous post, I told you all about which sunglasses are totally hot this summer. These round Ray Ban sunnies are totally part of that list! I found them at Hans Anders, where the optician told me he had seen them all over New York City a few weeks ago. I can understand why manhattan is mad about these sunglasses, and it’s just a matter of time before Amsterdam will turn hip as well.

I think that Ray Ban sunglasses are the only type of sunglasses of which I don’t mind that everyone else is wearing it as well. I see this more like an essential and without it you are just missing out. Since there pricing is not extremely high and the look never really goes out of style, I think that these could be my go-to sunglasses for a long while.

I matched the sunnies to a fringed leather jacket, a basic top and boyfriend jeans which I tried to style like mom jeans. That failed completely, but I do love the laid-back look vibe that is coming from this ensemble. Maybe it’s my new pair of toooo coooool sneakers that had a hand in that.

Let me know what you think!



Wearing: Lipsy jacket / Ray Ban via Hans Anders sunglasses / Primark top / WE jeans / Public Desire sneakers / Renard watch

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