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Bags… and their story

All bags from the Bag Museum in Amsterdam

A few weeks ago my boyfriend’s mom took me to the bag museum, as
a birthday present. A very nice and original present I mus say…
Usually I don’t really go to museums but this one caught my attention right away.
What else could I’ve expected? There were bags all over the place!
Ofcourse a museum wouldn’t be a museum if there wouldn’t be a bit of education
Like, did you know that women used to wear bags in their hosiery, to
keep their money safe?
In this material world we might forget about it these days, but bags
used to really have a function, you know!
It was amazing to learn of which fabrics these bags were actually made: cotton
leather ofcourse, metal, tiny beads, turtle and all other sorts of animal skin.
These photos show a selection of the bags I liked most, in
chronological order.
Soon I will post some photos of classic designer bags!

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