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April’s Favourites

I started April off at a gay party, which
was as fashionable as always.
The rest of my month was pretty nice fashionwise too.
I went to London and spent a lot of money. Furthermore I
had one of my first photoshoots as a stylist and experienced that
as a very nice potential lifejob!
Then look at those bags in my previous posts! Seeing those
bags obviously educated me and ofcourse made me yearn for more.
In general, I think we could say that my outfits were basic, with
an edgy sophisticated touch.
Tomorrow it’s Queensday in Holland, which practically means that
Amsterdam will look like a festival park.
I bet I’ll have a lot of fun.
My look? I think I’ll go for the couldn’t-care-less-look; maybe an
all black ensemble with a lot of gold armcandy…
I might get back on that later.
What was your month like?

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