Amsterdam Fashion Week: SIS by Spijkers & Spijkers

Photos by Team Peter Stiger

Today I went to SIS by Spijkers & Spijkers, a lovely and noted sisterduo, showing at Amsterdam Fashion Week.
I’ve always been curious about their shows, since they really made name here in Holland.
You can understand that I was quite excited to finally go and see their collection!
However, my camera totally let me down during the shows. I am in great need of a new lens, cause
my current one simply couldn’t handle the (flashing) lights…
Besides knowledge about what to ask for my next birthday, the show also brought me
some insight into next year’s autumn/winter trends. The Spijkers sisters are always ahead of the game.
What I saw was fifties inspired silhouettes and prints, like the polkadot and checkprints.
And then there was this striking “blinking eye”- kinda print, which actually seemed to be
a litteral wink to fashion and made the whole to a fun and rebel-ish collection.
Now I must say that it’s not really my style but it definitely inspired me.
I’ve seen much more inspiring stuff today, of which a lot of great outfits.
I will show you more pictures anytime soon!
Photos from the other shows I visited can be found here and here.

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