5* All In

Wearing: Just Female jeans, Primark top, c/o Deezee heels, Vintage bag, Gift ring

I do not want to sound cocky in any way, but how can I say this nicely?
I just love my own outfit here. Haha. I called it 5* All in, cause this ensemble
just has it all. Count with me: 1. black, 2. white, 3. denim, 4. red lips, 5. extraordinary heels. Put
polkadot upon all this and shit is complete, right?
I was with my friend Mo when putting all this together and we agreed that
it didn’t need any accessories, but the bag and one ring.
Alot of attention may be drawn to these amazing new heels of mine which I got at
my favourite webshop when it comes to shoes, Deezee.
It’s a Polish webshop, so shopping may not be as easy as usual, but
working with google translate or the chrome translation bar from the browser is soooo worth it!
What do you think?


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