fishnet tights… I cannot believe that I haven’t mentioned them earlier. I mean, these tights are everything!


Okay… let’s be honest. Some of you may already have gotten sick of them. Ever since a few months, or maybe a year, everyone has been embracing this trend and somehow some people cannot get enough of them so fishnets are everywhere.

It started with the simple black ones, worn above jeans. OMG. How I loved that concept! It adds so much sass to an outfit. I can’s even begin to describe. All one really needs is a crop top to finish the look and you are ready for a festival, girl’s night out or whatever fun thing you wanna do with your life.

Then came the fishnet socks. How cute! But not just cute, again super sassy and such an easy way to spice up your shoes and the lower part of your outfit. I love how they now come in different colors as well or with bows to give it all an extra touch of adornment.

And then of course there’s the fishnet tops and sleeves. Pfff. So much choice. You can’t tell me that none of these are lovable. Which one is your favorite? Images are clickable.

Fishnet fashion is a fun addition to a stylish photo shoot. Alternatively, dabble in some boudoir photography and try including these flirtatious ASOS pieces. Capturing your sexy side through photography is an empowering way to celebrate the skin you’re in. Feel beautiful and confident, be it in front of a mirror or a camera.




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