I never thought I would reach this point, but here we are. I.Love.Hoodies. Haha. There I said it. I remember the days on which I despised them, thinking they were the best way to ever downgrade your outfit (and not even wearing them indoors even though, I admit now, they have always been super comfortable). But these days hoodies aren’t just comfortable anymore. They seem to be more than that: a trend, a fashion statement of you will…

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It took a while for me to really see it. Like I mentioned before I had closed my eyes for hoodies, so when this was revealed to me as a trend I was looking at it through my eyelashes not really sure wether to blink or open up my eyes to this. I mean, I wasn’t ready. Haha, ok, I am totally being a drama queen here now. It’s not that bad of course. It never has been that bad, but I am just trying to tell you how confused I was when I saw the hoodies everywhere.

At first I thought it were the cool kids trying to make a “I could care less what I am wearing, you’ll like me anyway”- statement. But then I was said to wear a hoodie during the tv show I work on and it appeared to me that this was really happening to all of us: the hoodie taking over our lives *rewind sound* I am really taking this too far. Sorry haha.

Ok, so let’s fast forward to right here and right now where I have been able to cope with this issue and deal with it to the point where I can embrace it. I now love the hoodies. Cropped, oversized, with flare sleeves, with prints, anything. I just think it can be really cool. I still don’t think one should actually pull the hoodie over their head and neither am I convinced that their should even be a hoodie attached to which could have otherwise been a cool sweater but hey… the hoodie!

What do you guys think of this trend? Ready to wear it? Images are clickable!



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