Nobody wants to be a basic bitch, right? So normally, I would try to team basic items to statement pieces. But this time I tried something else, and I am very curious about your thoughts. Let me tell you how my dad reacted…









Before leaving the country (when you read this I’ll be in Colombia or Cuba), I had to photograph all of my newest items and thus asked my dad to shoot a few looks with me. My dad always likes to do that, because (I think) he’s proud of what I do and loves to help me out building my dream, where ever he can.

It’s kinda funny, because my dad now seems to learn more and more about fashion. I was kind of shocked when I saw a recent photo of my mom. She was posing just like me, all fashionable and stuff. Later, they told me that it was my dad who had instructed her to hold the purse in a different way and arch her back. Well, well… well done!

So I shouldn’t have been surprised when my dad looked at me in a strange way when I told him that this was the second look we were shooting. Basically, this man knows my style and knows that this kind of basic is not what I usually do. He also pointed out that the poses were “funny”. Thanks dad… So now that he knows a thing or two, he will criticize me haha… No problem at all, because he was right! This is not a look I would normally go for. I guess my dad would’ve expected heels or a crop top or a maxi cardigan.

I’m not basic anyway.”

But I, for one, like the fact that I am here trying out something totally different. Sneakers and a lot of cotton, is what I call it. I would’ve titled this post “beautifully basic”, but that sounds too easy.

(No high waisted) jeans, sneakers, a tanktop, a cardigan and my newest Daniel Wellington watch. That’s all it took here. And although I had to find the right moves to capture this the way I wanted, I think it’s fresh and cool. I might try this out more often. Even the sneakers + low waist jeans combo feel like something I could get used to.

Now, being a frequent reader… What do you think?



Wearing: Carte Blanche jeans / Goodhyouman top / Carte Blanche cardigan / Daniel Wellington watch / Sacha shoes

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