Personally, I prefer stripes and stars over polkadots, because polka dots usually have me thinking of the 50’s instantly and although I love vintage, I am not into too much retro all at once. However, I do own some polka dot printed items that look a bit more modern and are actually kinda cool. I mean, look at this blue jumpsuit…

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Now, the jumpsuit isn’t really mine. I was going on this trip to Greece and wanted to borrow some cute items from PR agencies so that I would have something nice to photograph over there. Normally I don’t borrow a lot since I have a lot of collaborations already, but I really wanted to go all out this press trip. Can you believe that we did over 15 outfit shoots in Greece in one week time? Haha, it was crazy! Ok back to the jumpsuit… It’s one of the items I found at Spice PR and I fell in love instantly.

The jumpsuit has a unique form, being both preppy and cool at the same time. I chose to wear it with white sneakers to keep it laid back and minimal and furthermore wore a scarf around my waist to add a special touch. Voilà, a modern twist to the polka dot!

Although I really loved this look, I had not expected these photos turn out so nice, since I felt like I was just sitting on a sidewalk in front of some cacti and palm trees. But I guess the polka dots don’t need much of an environment. Besides, a palm tree always works. Right?

Let me know what you think of the look!



Wearing: Monki jumpsuit / Vintage scarf as belt / Sacha shoes
Photos by Meau (Stylemeautivation.com)

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