How I had the happiest of birthdays last weekend with my friends. A full report will be shown in my vlog anytime soon (for those who don’t follow me there yet, do check out my youtube channel). Here I already wanted to show you some of the party pics that were made at the venue…

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Alright, so those who follow me closely may know that I have been house hunting for a while now. There were so many reasons for me to move: a bigger house, more room for my clothes, more room to work, more room to think, and also more room to celebrate my birthday. So I enhanced the hunt in the months before my birthday and really felt disappointed for not finding anything in the end.

Now where was I gonna celebrate my birthday? It’s not like that is so important, neither is it like I don’t have a roof above my head, but it would have been so convenient to make my birthday party into a housewarming… Ok. That dream sailed… Since I was disappointed already I did not even feel like looking for a nice venue for my party. And then this happend: I received an email from a PR agency I work closely with asking me whether I would like to celebrate my birthday at this lovely bar/restaurant called 5&33.

Uhm!? What? It’s crazy how things can fall into place. I immediately responded that I would be happy to do so as this really is an amazing place, fancy but cute, in the heart of the city. I had been to 5&33 for some events and meetings before and just knew that it would make for the perfect ambience to celebrate my birthday.

The evening started with dinner with my parents and date at the lovely restaurant. This was delicious to say the least. And afterwards my friends came over for drinks (and a dance move or two) in my little birthday corner. A birthday like this one really makes me appreciate the life I am living and the friends I was gifted. Although a lot of my friends weren’t able to come (the downside of having jetset friends who were on another continent) I had a blast with the ones who were there, including my parents and sister.



Photos via 5&33
In association with 5&33

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