Summer? Autumn? I’m not even sure whether seasons are still a thing. The sun is still shining, but meanwhile the Christmas lights are almost finding their way into the stores. So, you know what? Let’s take matters into our own hands and just focus on fun and sun. Who knows, I might just wanna book a lil trip to the sun… So let’s talk bikinis!

When I was younger I remember, I used to always go with triangle bikinis. Bathingsuits were not for me and you would never see me with a tankini either. Nowadays however, when it comes to a bikini, I personally prefer the ones that are not too basic. I like my bikinis colorful and in unique shapes. But in the end, I think it’s our body type and figure that we have to take into account when looking for the right bikini. So here are some tips & tricks, based on body type.

Hourglass Body type
Do you have an hourglass body type, i.g. volume around the shoulders/bust and hips with a small waist? Try to go for matching tops and bodies. Strapless tops work well for you, but if you go with ruffles on top, then make sure that you have them at the bottom too. Lucky you, you can handle a minimal bikini and still look fab! Just don’t let the bikini take away the attention from your body. Should you choose to go with a swimsuit, then it’s probably best to pick one with a belt or wrap around the waist to accentuate that beautiful X shape.

V-shape Body type
Simple solid colored halter and triangle tops should be your go-to. Should you choose to color block, then it might be best to go with a darker colored top and light colored bottom. Retro style bathing suits with a little accent on the hips, be it ruffles or embellishments: YES! Tankinis with a halter top will also look amazing on you.

A-shape Body type (pear)
With an A-shape body type you wanna place more accent on the top to balance that out with your naturally curvy hips. Patterned and embellished tops could be a great way to do so. Also, one pieces with wide straps or tankinis with padded tops and light tops in general would look very good on you.

Rectangle Body type (straight)
Although they may call this body type ‘kid like’ or even ‘boy-ish’, of course you wanna show off your feminine side and feel sexy in your bikini. Pick push ups for extra volume and try to go with embellishments and ruffles on both top and bottom. Light colors and side ties are also something you could focus on. Besides, one pieces that criss cross over your body (or better yet, the monokini) could be a great way to make your waist appear thinner.

Now… these tips are all based upon the ‘basic’ type of bikinis and swimsuits, but luckily swimwear looks a lot more exciting these days. Add a one shoulder, extra straps or even sleeves to the above to find yourself an even better looking and more trending piece.

Curious to hear your thoughts and take on swimwear!

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