To be honest, it’s super weird that this video came online this year. I mean, I have been crazy about over knee boots for a few years now and I remember that I thought of making this video last year already. But never before have I had so many different kinds of over knee boots. So here it finally is!

lookbook thumb

Velvet, suede, leather, lycra, black, blue, pink, burgundy, beige, tan, lace ups, open toe. OMG. It doesn’t stop. I have them all and I love them all. Haha. Ok, my favorite? The burgundy velvet ones. These are really killer boots and I love how they match to so many outfits.

There are so many different ways to wear over knee boots. Skirts, dresses and even jeans can be easily matches to over knee boots. Although I am not a fan of wearing jeans underneath over knee boots, there are definitely dome successful outfits to create with it that totally have me gasping.

In this lookbook video I am showing you three of my favorite ways to style over knee boots: with and oversize sweater dress, with an A-line skirt and with jeans. I really hope you guys love this lookbook.

Let me know your thoughts!




Items that are shown in this lookbook are all listed in the description box of this video

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