Boyfriend Material | Suit & Tie

At the beginning of this year I was frequently asked why I didn’t write
any articles about menswear, so I thought I’d try it out for a year
with one “Boyfriend material” post each month.
I loved writing this section, for it gave me the opportunity
to be both critically and sarcastic about something I could, myself, do
nothing wrong in (mu ha ha ha). And, besides that, I really think
that there are so many men out there who would be helped with some style
advice by a woman with eye for details.
Today, I am writing my last post in this category. After all, I loved
writing about this, but it’s time for a new year and a new monthly rubric.
(If you have any suggestions let me know, I am thinking about videos!)
In this last post I wanted to focus on a well known topic: men in suits.
I must say that I love to see men in suits. However, only if I have the idea that
they would look good without the suit as well. Let’s not
think that a suit will make anyone look good!
A trend nowadays is the double breasted blazer, which may seem
a bit outdated. I think that it really depends what you are wearing with it…
Personally, I prefer men in a white blouse, a dark blazer and dark pants.
No tie or bow is needed to get me in the mood. Nonchalance is everything!

DO: Try out something other than a black suit some time. Dark blue
or light grey are kinda cool too!
DO: Match a suit to brogues. Please, brogues! Anything else
would be a disaster, unless you’re David Beckham.
DON’T: Forget to have your sizes measured precisely by a professional. A
suit that doesn’t fit properly is like a condom that is too small.
And being that dick sucks. Right?


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