Lucky me, I am not too familiar with hate mail, negative comments and stalkers. However, I did have to handle with some small issues and I know that the bigger a blog becomes, the more negativity will come it’s way. How to deal with that? In this post I am handig out a few tips…

Much heard negativity in the blog-o-sphere is hate mail, which I prefer to just call jealousy right away. Cause mostly, that’s all there is. Don’t ask me why people find it necessary to spit negativity on someone, cause luckily I don’t own genes to act that way. A better question would be how to deal with it. A few tips…

1. Always be aware of your public status
First of all, one should always be aware of one’s public status. This means that you should at all times be aware of the consequences of what you do. I am not saying that you should act different from who you are, but you should accept that if parts of your life are out on the streets, people can use that against you. One way to handle this is to make a clear distinction between what’s private and what’s not.

2. Neglection vs grown-up
I have this blogger whatsapp group in which sometimes some of the girls come up with a question on how to react to negative comments. For example, people would say things such as “You are too fat for that skirt” or “I don’t like the shoes at all”. What to do with this? Delete it? React to it? Neglect it? There is no right answer. I think you should do what makes you feel best. For me, this normally means that I would ignore the comment, unless there is a question in it. If it’s really bad, I would delete it. And if you do feel the need to respond to such comments, do it in a grown up and sympathetic way.

3. Don’t take it personal
Now as for yourself there is one major tip I’d like to give you: do not take it personal. Does someone say you’re fat? Who are they to judge? Does someone say you’re ugly? Maybe they’re just in a bad mood. Does someone say they don’t like your style? That’s their choice and freedom and maybe they are just giving you some constructive criticism. But I admit… It’s mostly just misery looking for company. People who don’t feel good about themselves or are jealous about you and what you do may want to drag you down with them. It’s up to you whether you go down with them or keep your head up high.

Keep in mind that your blog is a positive place, a place where you want to inspire people and show off the good stuff. Don’t make it into a warzone by digging into discussions that are worthless.

How do you guys respond to negativity on your blog? And what topics would you suggest for my next blog tips post?





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