Another season, another set of trends. I for one am always happy to get the details about what’s hot and what’s not straight from the catwalk, which is why attending fashion week has become one of my favorite things to do. This year I will be visiting Milan Fashion Week and maybe Paris too, but first: my own city Amsterdam! Let’s go through it…

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I have been going to Fashion Week for quite some years now. I must say that the first time I was so so so excited. I was only visiting the downtown version for which no accreditation is needed and I really had a lot of fun. I remember wishing that my blog (which back then I had only had for a few months) would grow so big that one day I would sit front row at Amsterdam Fashion Week. Right now I look back at that being super cute and besides that I am thankful because my wish has actually come true. The past few seasons I have had wristbands that allowed me to sit front row at every show I visited. This is not to brag, but that’s so handy! Getting tickets can really be a hassle since so many different agencies, brands and designers are involved. Besides, sitting front row is a huge honor and gives me the opportunity to make better photos.

So anno 2016, I still try to visit as many shows as I can, but unfortunately the busy schedule of my blog doesn’t always allow me to. This year I was present at the opening night and two more nights and saw most of my favorite Dutch designers, amongst which Tony Cohen and Zyanya Keizer. Unfortunately I had to miss Dennis Diem, but I added some pictures from his show cause I did not want you to miss it. More photos from the shows can be found here.

Now about the trends… I’ve seen an overload of prints coming from the catwalk. Another thing that really caught my eye was the attention for accessories either being extreme headpieces or fun bags. White, red and blue are colors to keep in mind if you’d ask me. Besides, frills, fringes and stripes will still be here next year! Uhu, I admit that Fashion Week totally got me in the mood to go shopping for the latest trends.

Another thing I really love about Fashion Week is the gathering of stylish people. Nowadays I meet a lot of friends and people from the indrusty during Amsterdam Fashion Week, which is fun because we are all there for the same reason: to be inspired and connect with likeminded. Needless to say that I had a great time and I am already looking forward to the next season. Will I see you guys there as well?



Photos via Team Peter Stigter & Edland Man
With thanks to Fashion Week Nederland

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