Just like everyone, I have loads of friends that wear black only. In fact, I think that everyone has had his or her own little black period in which the full wardrobe was black or every garment other than the black ones was totally ignored. I cannot blame others for doing that, but personally I need me some floral print every now and then…

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Needless to say that clothes can affect the way you feel just as the way you feel can affect the way you dress. It is no secret that people who don’t feel good will often choose clothes that will express their feelings and the other way around.

I remember a time in which I used to wear big bold boots that were not so flattering and… ok, they were straight clunky to be honest. And as an effect, I did not feel feminine at all especially when people around me would wear heels at that time for example. The same goes for being overdressed and underdressed.

That’s why I think it’s important to sometimes remind ourselves of this and put on a floral print even though we don’t feel like floral prints. And if you do want to wear black, go ahead, after all it’s the most sophisticated color I know. But choose a bright red or pink lipstick to literally brighten up your outfit and day.

Just a tip from someone who wore a too hot floral dress in a too hot environment, feeling good about the weather but not so good about the long sleeves haha. Guess I’ll have to save this dress for another time, but any floral dresses would do good here right? Let me know what you think of the look!



Wearing: Lipsy dress / Public Desire heels
Photos by Meau (Stylemeautivation.com)

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