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Trash or Treasure ?

Bag: Treasure! (no that’s not a store)

As I were walking down my boyfriend’s hallway last week,
I almost stumbled over a plastic bag which I could see
was filled with old toys, ready to be thrown away.
Lucky me for taking a closer look at
this little suitcase that stuck out of the bag.
My boyfriend told me it was his mom’s;
she would throw it away with all other stuff… just trash, nothing special…
I couldn’t agree less. Inside my heart was screaming:
“This is vintage, special, beautiful. I wanna have it!”
The look on his face when I spoke these words out loud…
(Could a normal guy ever understand?)
But whatever, he said I could have it and I thanked his mom.
Love it love it love it!

I especially love the mixture of woven reed/strow & leather which
gives it an ethnic look, with a chique touch.
Pictures below show other woven reed/strow bags of mine, from River Island and Primark.

Bag: River Island (old)

Clutch: Primark

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