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In a previous post I told you guys about how I had turned 30 and how the way to this age had kind of made me upset as so many of my friends were settling and… well, I am not even dating at the moment. As of now, I have at least 5 weddings coming up in the next year and somehow I am totally in the mood for it. I’m not the type of girl that has been scrapbooking my way through wedding magazines ever since I was 5 years old, but now that many of my friends are getting married I love helping them find the perfect wedding dress. I am happy that no magazines are needed as nowadays we are not depended on local stores; we could all buy a wedding dress in the US via the internet. So, what are the trends? And what are my favorites?

Fairytales anno 2019
It may surprise you to hear that not every woman is looking for that fairytale romance with a prince on a white horse, sissi dresses and castles. Nowadays us women tend to be happy when we find a good lad on Tinder or simply come to the conclusion that a certain best friend seems to be husband material. But which ever way the romance evolves: most of us will want to end up with a ring on our finger during a special get together with friends and family wearing the white dress of our dreams.

But… where to find that number one dress? Magazines and the internet are good options to explore and get inspired. I love Pinterest for example. But luckily, the better online wedding shops will also provide you with good specifications, size guides and clear photos or even videos that will give off a vibe. So yay to shopping a wedding dress online!

Trends versus personal taste
A wedding is something very personal and so is the wedding dress. I am happy to see that women dare to be different and choose for a colorful or dark colored dress in contrast to the whites and off-whites we are used to. Also, I feel like back in the days dresses were very conservative, wide and a bit simple if I may say so. Nowadays details are not to be missed, from little knots on the back, to a shimmering lining on the sides. Dresses used to also be very delicate and did not seem to be subjective to trends, whilst nowadays one could buy a boho chic wedding dress if that’s the style you’re going for.

So let’s talk trends for a bit…
Maxi body cons that hug the body in all the right places: GO! See-through, with the vibe as though underwear is being taken to the altar? Hell yes! Halter tops & asymmetric high-low silhouettes? Yay! Other trends that may seem a bit more bold are volume shoulders, gloves, black details & suits (yes, man, we can do that too!). As for colors pistachio and ginger seem to be perfect alternatives to white & beige.

Scrolling through wedding pages and webshops I have come to the conclusion that I am an absolute fan of sheer dresses, lots of lace & symmetric textures preferably in a dreamy white.

Looking at these pictures here, I can barely wait haha. Fashion week is nothing compared to the wedding dresses out there!

I hope this was inspiring to you guys and wonder how you guys relate to the search for wedding dresses, locations, guest lists & what not. Who else is going for that fairytale ending?

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