Rip it & rock it

Wearing: Customized jeans, Primark top, Van Haren shoes (find here), Casio watch, Romwomen bracelet, Various rings

You know that feeling when you want a fashion item very bad, but you just can’t find it
in stores? You try to find it online, but it’s either not right or
very expensive? I had that when I was looking for torn, ripped, open, totally
distressed jeans. So when I had these undefined jeans of which I was
in doubt whether to keep or return them, I thought outside the box, or maybe
I should say “outside the jeans”. The only thing I needed was scissors.
Cut, cut, tear it apart, cut, cut, tear it apart and there’s my new pair of jeans.
The jeans are kind of tough and so I thought it would be best to
bring a feminine touch into this outfit with a lovely pair of heels.
I chose to wear these ones from Van haren which feature pointed toes and
a strap. I love that they are just high enough to give me a better posture, and
low enough to keep me comfortable for at least half of the day.
The rest of this outfit was kept simple, on purpose. I think it didn’t
need anything else but some striking golden pieces.
What do you think?

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