When I arrived in Kathmandu at the end of January, I was happy to see that the weather wasn’t that bad. But also thankful for it not being too hot as the city is full of dust. Luckily, I had found a beautiful place to stay, which was just outside the bustling city center. In this post I would like to tell you a bit more about my first days in Kathmandu and the wonderful place I stayed at that made me feel right at home.

Up the hill of Kathmandu is where one will find Shivapuri Cottage, a peaceful place to stay that is hosted by the owners Steve and Neeru and their staff. As these were my first days in Nepal, I had no idea what to expect from the city, which places to go, what to do and what not to do. But Steve and Neeru lead me all the way and gave me some of the best tips for the rest of my trip. Although I’d be fast to say that they were such sweet hosts, I would more likely say that they felt like friends or family as they made me feel so welcome and safe.

Now about this beautiful place that they own: a cute but spacey wooden cottage that has all that one could wish for and provides you not only with the prettiest view, but also the perfect place to relaxe before or after a hike.


Location: 8,5
Although Shivapuri is located a bit far from the center of Kathmandu, it deserves a lot of credits for it’s location. Serene, uphill and surrounded by woods, Shivapuri is the perfect place to stay for some peace & quiet in between activities. Still, there’s enough to do in the neighborhood. Hiking trails are close by and the Budhanilkantha temple is absolutely worth a visit too. Animal lovers will have a blast by hiking towards the Shivapuri National Park. Personally I have visited the Nhamka Khyung Monastery as well. But even if you aren’t planning on going out for adventure, there’s enough entertainment around the cottage. There are loads of books, there’s a spa and a jacuzzi. And the view is perfect for morning yoga and evenings at the fireplace.

Room: 8
My room was good and had everything I needed. I personally attach great value to a good bed and this one was perfect! There was always a full bottle of water besides my bed, but I love the fact that here, close to the natural source, the water was probably at it’s purest. It’s nice how my room was part of the house, which made me feel a little less alone. It was the perfect balance between my own privacy and the option to connect with others if I wanted to.

Ambiance: 9
From the moment you walk up the stairs to the cottage, you’ll experience nature’s bliss and realize that this may be one of the best “hidden” spots of Kathmandu. The cottage has a lot of character and I felt right at home. I admire the way Steve & Neeru have succeeded in making this place to something luxurious yet laid-back.

Food & drinks: 9,5
Let’s be honest. I can be kind of a pain in the *** when it comes to food. “I don’t know that, so I don’t like that” used to be my mantra. However, I am so so happy that since a few years I dare to try a lot more. And how blessed was I for doing so! I had typical Nepalese food on the veranda: lunch & dinner. It was all perfect. Although I would not be able to tell you exactly what I ate at times (one of the dishes was Dal Bhat), I can just say that it was Svādiṣṭa, in short: delicious. Neeru and Ramita took very good care of me, and even made sure I had lunch (my favorite Nepalese fries) before I left for another city.

Service: 10
Ok ok. At first, I wrote down 9,5 as I like to leave room for improvement. However, that would not be fair. Shivapuri Cottage deserves a 10 for service as it was simply perfect. Steve and Neeru are the sweetest hosts. Besides them, kudos to Ramita for the lovely food, the photos she made and her sweet smile everytime our eyes met. I feel lucky to have met these wonderful souls.

Facillities: 8,5
Shivapuri has a super nice little pool. And although the water was cold in January, I can imagine how it would be a lovely place to chill during the summer. Massages & treatments can be booked at the spa. And if one would like to have a yoga session, that can also be booked. Anything you need, from food to a taxi, Steve & Neeru will take care of it.

Recommendation rate: 8,5
Everything about this cottage is lovely: from the warm welcome by the hosts, to the wonderful scenic view. And from the spa facilities to the delicious food. I would definitely recommend a stay at Shivapuri Cottage. Looking for a romantic & authentic hideaway away from the dusty city? Hesitate no longer; this is the place to be!



Shivapuri Heights Cottage
Shivapuri Hills Shivapuri National Park
Kathmandu 44600 Nepal



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