Whilst normally my summer is spent somewhere far from here (in the past Colombia, Cuba and Thailand). This year I chose to go abroad before summer, in May (see previous China and Japan articles) so that I could spend the summer in The Netherlands. And you may have already guessed it: that means a lot of festivals! Let me tell you all about it…

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The first festival I visited this year was Amsterdam Open Air, which I think is one of the best festivals in Amsterdam. The music is good, the people are cool. And this year the weather was also beautiful. So where to go next? Buiten Westen festival it was last weekend! I had heard so many good things about the festival that I was excited to finally go there. And how we had fun!

The music wasn’t really what I had expected it to be, but I had my sister with me and we basically dance to anything so we still found our way on the beat. I also met with some friends, and just simply had a good time with everyone around me. Cause let me tell you, the vibe was on and some people were so much fun to watch! And that’s what I love about festivals. Everyone is in a good mood and the whole day it’s all about being happy. Sometimes I can still feel the adrenaline of all the fun two days after a festival haha.

Now, when I go to a festival I like to dress up fashionably but laid-back. I always try to distinguish myself by wearing something casual but with an edgy touch. After all, the outfit should be comfortable, right? So here I went for an A-line dress with an aztec print which I later chose to spice up with a double buckle belt and a lot of jewelry. I put a denim jacket on top in case of it getting colder later in the day. My boots are a simple festival must and these too cool sunnies are the cherries on top!

I found all of these items on Zalando and I am very excited to tell you about their Zalando festival page on which you will find inspiring festival looks, super cool must haves, reports and insider tips. Personally, I would never be able to choose between the different kind of themes: boho, electric, underground and grunge so my outfit will always be a match up of all of it haha.

Which festivals are you attending and what Zalando look are you going for?



Wearing: Vero Moda dress / Topshop denim jacket / Versace bag / Dr. Martens boots / Even & Odd sunglasses
Photos by Mireille

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