Ok. I’m just going to be real honest with you guys. This girl right here is messy as can be! I am so messy that I don’t even feel ashamed anymore. In fact, I made a video of my messy home and showed it to the boy I’m dating. Oops?! Nah, not really… Cause this time it’s not really my fault…






When it comes to my blog, this must be the busiest season I’ve ever had. I find myself going to event after event and picking up clothes & goodie bags at one place after another. These goods are all stored in my home safely, but messy. Cause really, I don’t seem to have the time to unpack!

A quick home tour would tell you that there’s worn clothes on my bed, new items on my couch, three bags of clothes to sell under my table, one trolley full of stuff that I brought with me last weekend on a girls trip, and then there’s my closet with clothes hanging out of it and laying on the floor. I must be crazy to tell you, right? But at the moment, this is me. Ofcourse, I place beautiful pics on instagram and my blog, but in fact, at this very moment… everything is a mess!

However, I don’t feel like a mess. My mom always tells me that a messy room comes with a messy head, but although I am living kind of a hectic lifestyle at the moment, I do feel like I am finally getting some things under control. Or maybe, I simply have the feeling that the things that cannot be controlled, shouldn’t be controlled: I’m letting loose. This doesn’t mean that I will never clean my house anymore, though, haha… But I refuse to let the mess get the best of me and so I jump from empty space on the floor to empty space on the floor, waiting for that small moment that will allow me to get this shit together.

I am really wondering if this sounds familiar… to the ones who are blogging as well as to the ones who aren’t… Is it the chaotic lifestyle? The overload on goodies and clothes? And… Should we care?

“How would it feel to drown, drown in love,

how would it feel to drown, drown in my own stuff?”

Hmm… I would almost forget that I write about clothes that I am wearing in stead of clothes gathered in my apartment haha… In this outfit I am wearing a floral bomber jacket that is made of a denim-ish fabric with a crop top underneath and a pop of color in the skirt. To make this look even more cheery, I added sunies… What do you think?



Wearing: MKT bomber jacket, Hema crop top, Chicwish skirt, Dolce Vita boots, ZeroUV sunnies

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