VIDEO: The big reveal of my design for Coolcat

    Whoop whoop. So happy to finally show you guys my design voor Coolcat!Please check out my video for more shots of what Icall a wonderful day!Please let me know what you think of my design. Anddon’t forget to submit to my youtube channel.Thank you! My T-shirt will be available in stores and in the webshop, from July, 17th.Thursday evening, July 17th, I will also bein the Coolcat Store in Amsterdam to tell you more aboutmy design, take photos, etc. Hope you’ll be there!


    #ProjectCool: Photoshoot with my design

    Photos via Tess & Dunja Yesterday me and the other bloggers, who have been designing a T-shirt forcoolcat, were invited to Coolcat HQ for the revealing of our designs and a photoshoot.We were welcomed with lovely sweets and drinks and after a quickupdate, we were shown the samples of our final designs.It was a very exciting moment, cause I had been so curious forweeks and I had never experienced this before so I could not imaginewhat it would be like to see the result.Well, I couldn’t have been more happy. I’m not going to say thatit was exactly what I had expected it to look like, cause it was even…


    #ProjectCool | Designing

    Photos by Rik A few weeks ago I told you about this new project I am working on (read previous post here):designing my own T-shirt for Cool Cat. I am so excitedabout all this, it really feels like a dream coming true.When I heard the news I ran to the book store and bought myself a beautifulleather sketchbook and a wooden pencil. I mean, I was about todraw my first design, I felt like doing it in style.At first, I found it very hard to think of a design; I was too thrilledby the idea and wanted it to be perfect. In the end, I justasked myself “What shirt would…


    #ProjectCool | The brainstorm session

    Photos via Dunja & Tess. Dear readers, buckle up, cause I have some very very exciting newsto share with you today…After years of hard working on my blog, I had the chanceto do something so special, something that’s been on top of my bucket list for a while,and it’s really a blogger’s biggest dream:I’ve designed a T-shirt! Together with 6 other bloggers (Larissa & Tara of Kittehs Cupcakes,Sharon of Style Chameleon, Rowan of Red Reiding Hood, Iraida of Diva Iraida and Lara of Lara Rose)we were chosen to each design our own tee for the cool & fresh brand Coolcat.When I first heard the news, I was wowed and thrilled.…