Boyfriend Material | Ninja Turtle(neck)

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Trend alert for the boys. Us, women are already wearing these, but I think
that you guys should follow as well: the turtle neck!
I know that some straight guys think this looks “gay”, and therefore
would skip this look, but as with most trends, you can choose to
wear and style it your own way. And in fact,
this is a good solution for those who
don’t wear scarves for the same reason.
These photos show some of the options: match it to
your blazer to have it look a bit more manly or wear it
underneath a big sweater for a cool preppy look.
Now since I know that you guys choose function over fashion, don’t
forget the biggest advantage of this: the fact that it keeps you warm.

DO: choose a loose fit if you are somewhat skinny, unless you want to
look like today’s skeleton editorial models.
DO: add some extra accessories like a big scarve or snood to balance it out.
DON’T: feel like you need to add a fedora hat like the model on one of these photos if you are
a beginner. Cause that, my dear, could come across straight gay.

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