Atlantis Hippie what? Uhh yeah… to come up with a title for this blog post I mixed a few words together that all have to do with the content of this article.

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ATLANTIS – The Atlantis Stone refers to the blue dolphin stone in this wonderful bracelet of mine. I got it at Larimar jewelry where all of the items feature a stone like this. I really love the idea behind the stone and it’s decent; the stone was first discovered in the Dominican Republic and was said to resemble the sunlight dancing beneath the Caribbean Sea. The name Larimar is made up of Larissa (oh hey!) and Mar, Larissa here being the name of the daughter from the discoverer. I like!

HIPPIE – But it’s not just the terminology or the name that I like about this stone. I also love the color, since it’s a bit more blue and thus more original than the turquoise stones we all know from hippie markets. The online reason that I have the term “hippie” in this title is cause I think I kinda look like one with my hair down straight. Also, not that I am wearing my dad’s jeans here. I mean, after mom and boyfriend jeans this was only just a matter of time right? But I do think it’s kinda hippie…

CHIC – I chose to wear this cool pink-ish “wink” top, since the blue eye color matches the bracelet so well. Wink eyes seem to be kinda trendy nowadays and I feel like this top is super cute. I think that the bracelet really adds a chic touch to the top.

So curious to know your thoughts!



Wearing: Vero Moda top / Larimar bracelet / Asos belt

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