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Wearing: Just Female jeans, Rosa Rose top, Sisley blazer, Asos heels, Ray-Ban glasses, Casio watch (here), Friis&Co ring, AC Market Ipad cover

In my previous post I questioned you guys to ask me anything.
I received some lovely and fun questions through comments, mail and facebook and
it’s now time for the answers.
Missed out on asking me anything?
You can always leave a comment, or send me an email.

How would you describe your own style?
I would describe it as schizophrenic, since I like to try all kinds of things and my style isn’t really consistent. However, generally this comes to a feminine look with a rough edge.

What is the favourite piece of clothing you own and why?
O gosh, it’s so hard to choose. So here’s a little list. I am in love with my pleated leather skirt. And I am currently obsessed with my fringed cardigan from River Island (on which I posted recently). And then there are several lace tops which give me the right flirty sophisticated look instantly. Uhm, I would be damned if I wouldn’t mention accessories like my Deezee heels and my Louis Vuitton bag! Although that is no clothing piece, it definitely is a statement piece that completes any look.

Do you feel as physically fantastic as you look?
I almost cried with laughter after reading this question. Thank you dear. Let’s just go with “I am satisfied”. And I believe that that kind of confidence is a key to looking good.

Have you had one of your favorite dreams (while sleeping) that you would feel comfortable sharing?
Pfff, hard one! I barely remember my dreams. If I remember any, I will do a post on it alright?

Where do you work?
I work at the always crowded, but beloved Primark. Haha. I am actually a psychotherapist and I used to work at an addiction clinic until a few months ago. Then I decided I wanted to surround myself with fashion (or let’s just say clothes) and obviously I did. In the meantime I am brainstorming about starting my own company…

Where do you live?
I live in Amsterdam, Holland. I live together with two roommates just on the outskirts of the city.

How much shopping do you do a month?
It depends on my salary. But usually I shop A LOT! I don’t have a limit and I think that I buy at least two things every week. So, about three tops, a skirt, jeans, jewelry, a dress, and shoes a month would be normal.

What do you do with your hair?
I tend to say I was born this way, but that would sound cocky haha. No, I just use a little amount of shampoo and a lot of conditioner. Then I brush and head bang, meanwhile kneading my hair. O, and one of my friends recently advised me to use this product that gives more volume at the roots of your hair. It’s a powder called “Dust it” from Osis+ (Schwarzkopf). HEAVEN on earth!

What camera do you use?
I use a Canon EOS D60.

What are some tips to your blogging succes?
What can I say? I always try to stay true to myself and to my style. And furthermore I love to give my posts a personal touch (of which the “ask me anything”-action is an example). But eventually, I think that for an exact answer to that question you should ask yourself what it is that has you coming back to my blog every now and then. Cause I can’t really tell. I just keep doing my thing and I hope you’ll keep loving what I do and what I wear. I’m thankful for that!

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