Amsterdam Fashion Week: Outfit Day 2

Wearing: c/o Chicnova dungaree skirt & BOY top, c/o Deezee clutch, Nelly necklace, Misselfridge rings

For the second day of fashion week, I chose a much simpler ensemble than for the opening night.
It’s really the dungaree that gives this outfit a unique touch. As you
can see the outfit is totally black & white, which is normally not my thing
but I thought it would take the “young” vibe of the dungaree to a fancier level.
The see through clutch helped me spread my name, since I had my new business cards
just in front so everyone close enough could see them.
I visited the show from Tony Cohen, Dorhout Mees and Vibrant Pakistan.
Links to photos of the shows are embedded in the designer names.
I can only say that I, again, loved Tony Cohen’s collection. It’s was very feminine,
and beautifully draped with a clean cut. I had never been to Dorhout Mees’ show, and I just fell in
love with her Parisian theme; beautiful models and a very fresh & elegant collection.
Now, Vibrant Pakistan was of a whole different kaliber. Innovative and traditional with a modern touch.
Let me know what you think!


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