Adding up to monochrome

Wearing: Red Label dress (find here), Vintage jacket, Asos shoes & turban, Touch of Chic necklaces (find here), Cluse watch (find here)

Sometimes, fashion just happens. Sometimes the right clothes
are at the right place at the right time. And sometimes they’re not.
The more I blog, the more I’m starting to believe that karma also finds it’s
way when it comes to fashion. Or let’s say that destiny has a say in what
clothes end up on the “new in and ready to shoot” table with me.
And sometimes that makes a perfect outfit.
I wouldn’t really say that this is such outfit, but I do have
to say that I love the fact that I was able to match black
and white to something other than more black and white, and came to
an outfit that I actually liked. I could’ve know that burgundy
would be the perfect finishing touch if you want to
add color to a black and white outfit. And denim does it too.
What do you think about this combination?
Oh, and don’t forget to participate in the giveaway
of my previous post (here). Cause you don’t want to miss
out on the chance to win a Cluse watch!
More information here!

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