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A unique copy

Wearing: Just female jeans, Forever21 top, Rainbow cardigan, H&M necklace,
Romwe artyfarty ring, Missselfridge eye ring

First things first.
Happy mother’s day to all moms!
Today I went to my parents ofcourse, and just
went for a quick cheery top with high waisted jeans.
My sneakers on and go.
Now, about the sneakers…
They aren’t the real Isabel Marant’s, I admit that.
But aren’t they wonderful?
Normally I don’t buy anything fake, or imitated, but
for these shoes (and the Romwe-YSL-imitated ring) I made an exception.
I found them two months ago in Paris and couldn’t leave ‘em there!
I wear them alot, but now that all sorts of imitated Isabel Marant sneakers
pop up from everywhere, I tend to wonder whether I should still wear them.
Copies are only nice when they make you unique right?

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