Just one photo in this quick blogpost as I am still trying to keep up with my blog. Are we still called bloggers anyway? Once I was proud to say that I am one, but nowadays I feel like it doesn’t cover the things I do. Let me tell you why…

Many girls that I meet who seem to be my “colleagues” respond denying when I ask them about their blog. “I don’t have a blog. I just have instagram.” Ahh… Ok. (No offense here) but I think that there has come a shift from bloggers to instagrammers. Many bloggers I know have stopped their blogs to focus on instagram and many girls that I get to know in the scene now never even had a blog.

What is happening here? Are blogs disappearing? Well, I am still here haha. Sorry but I just keep believing in the internet and I still love writing down bullshit for you guys to read and make photos for you guys to be inspired.

However, I do understand the shift from blog to instagram as instagram is much faster. Not only being a spectator (you can easily see whether someone inspires you or not, hit the like button, and go on with your life), but also when you’re a creator. One photo is enough to get thousands of likes whilst on a blog you’ll need 5 images with a whole lot of text to make an impression. Oh and no likes here, just a few comments if you’re lucky.

I think that it goes for a lot of bloggers that they nowadays merely post photos on instagram and barely on their blogs. So are we still just bloggers? Or are we content creators? Influencers? It’s a discussion I don’t even want to start because there seems to be such an issue about the word “influencer”. But it’s clear and I am happy to say that we do so much more that just blogging, although I still love doing it.

Anyway, today I will got with just one photo on my blog, curious to see what it does…




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