I'm Larissa, a 24 year old psychotherapist turned blogger and stylist, from Amsterdam. Born and raised in a little town, I've always felt the urge to seek for the extraordinary. All my money goes to fashion & city trips. I love magazines, fashionshows, accessories, photography, spotlights. From hats to heels is a blog about my personal style.

I wear, I share.



  1. beautiful girl u r. I am down here in SA - love fashion and all that it brings! You r pretty and know exactly what to wear....i blog about fashion but in a slightly different way...i am a new blogger but hoping to up my game with time - i present a tv show called Dress for Success where we have guests coming into our studion seeking help on what to wear to their functions....i sometimes also include in my blogs some of my own designs as i make clothes.....hope you can visit my blog when u have a minute dorriane-fashiondesignerinmaking.blogspot.com

  2. Was just in Amsterdam for my honey moon. I was in Paris for 10 days, and then traveled to Belgium, but Holland was my fav! Loving your blog! Loving how you are showing women about fashion, and mixing and matching!

  3. Hi darling! I was pleasantly surprised by your comment on my blog, anasblogana.blogspot.com! Thank you so much, I really appreciate your opinion, coming from a blogger who really knows what she's doing :D. I'm still a novice, but I discovered I like blogging, especially for meeting nice people, just like you! You've seen my interests varry, but fashion is definitely an everyday aspect of my life, so I'm already following your blog, especially since I like your style very much! Maybe you will be so nice as to follow me back! I would really appreciate opinions, advices, etc!
    With kisses,Ana

  4. Hi. Thanks for the lovely comment. Your blog is adorable...and I also LOVE amsterdam! xx, Sash.

  5. Your giveaway comment on my blog brought me here and I have just been wowed! lovely lovely blog! Love your outfits! I just want to steal them all!!! I am huge fan already. Please follow back my blog. Thank you.


  6. Thanks for sharing your passions, I love your blog!

  7. Hi Larissa, mijn naam is Jillz.Ik ben visagist in opleiding en woonachtig in Denhaag.
    Zat te surfen op myblackhair.nl toen ik jou blog tegenkwam.
    Het zit zoo ik ben nog op zoek naar een dame die het leuk zou vinden om model te zitten voor o.a een fotoshoot die we op school moeten doen.Dit betreft een make up getransformeerd tot Lady gaga.Ik vind je styl geweldig en je hebt precies wat ik zoek in mijn model als lady gaga.Fierceness;-)
    Ik las in je intro dat je altijd op zoek bent naar het extreme, en dacht dat dit je wellicht wel interessant lijkt.Als dit het geval is, kunnen we elkaar contacten via je blog???
    Ik zie graag je reactie tegemoet...groetjes F.jillz

  8. Love your style its amazing ! You must have an awesome wardrobe, with a wide range of cool items. I also love your hair

    would love it if you checked mines out

  9. Leuke blog heb je! kwam er net toevallig op x

  10. Hi~~,dear Larissa,your blog is great,i like it and appreciate the fashionable things you've shared,that's really helpful.you give so much to fashion,brave!!! keep going on this great job<3

  11. I follow your blog, hugs from China.

  12. You are really pretty. Love your fashion style blog. Blessings!!


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