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    Hi guys,The end of the school year is coming near, whilst the sun is happily shiningand I can feel summer’s in town. A new beginning is waiting just around the corner.No school, new season, and maybe even a new job?Whatever happens, I will have some more time for my blog during thesummer and I just cannot wait!So I thought it was fun to now make an evaluation of the past few months.I’ve been very busy with lovely projects and I barely missed an event.Also, I’ve had the chance to explore my style a bit more, being inspiredby other fashionista’s and bloggers.I’ve been featured in a lot of magazines, and I’d…


    Happy new year!

    Wearing: Society of Chic dress (find here), Deezee heels, Primark clutch Dear readers,Hereby I would like to wish all of you a happy new year!Hope you had a great NYE.I wore this ensemble to party with my friends;hoping 2014 will be fashionably fabulous!Love,Larissa


    In her closet

    This year I’ve been taking a peek in a friends’ closets monthly. This will be thelast “in her closet post”; I am completing this section with the wardrobe of a friend thatI’ve litterally known forever, like ALL my life, Susan. Have a look! About herSusan, 24, Assistant controllerWhat does fashion mean to you?Fashion is a way for me to show who I am and what I love. I follow trends only when itmatches my interests and my style. I used to buy clothes regularly, but since I’ve been toBolivia, where I’ve seen so much poverty, I tend to buy less.How would you describe your own style?I think I can describe…


    In their closet

    Like every month, we are taking a peek in one of my friend’s closet. This month it’s double trouble, causewe are checking out the wardrobe of my very best friend and his lover. About themLeroy, 29, Social workerRobin, 22, StudentWhat does fashion mean to you?Leroy: Fashion is like an extension piece of myself. What I wear is an expression of what I feel.When I’m secure of myself I tend to wear “hipper” clothes, than at moments when I don’t feel well.I always try my best to NOT be the first to show something. Instead, I start wearingtrends when they have already reached their top.Robin: Fashion doesn’t really appeal to me…