Cover up

By 10 oktober 2014 OUTFIT

Wearing: Dodo style blouse dress (find here), Modemusthaves cardigan, Duo boots, IWantThatMusthave watch (find here)

I opened this month by saying that I am in loooove
with over the knee boots. I just feel that they make the transition from
summer to fall a lot easier, for they are the best way
to cover up the legs when you are wearing skirts, but don’t want to
start wearing tights yet. I don’t know why, but I always experience some
with the idea of wearing tights when summer has just ended.
I think that this dress is perfect with over the knee boots, since
it enhances that laid-back look. In fact, this looks like an oversized
blouse you just want to curl up in right? And if you have to go outside,
alright, but then you’d at least want to go comfy all over.
I think that I succeeded in doing that without losing the elegance.
Please let me know what you think!


By 26 september 2019 OUTFIT

When I think of my favorite color, I would always think of popping colors like red, pink, burgundy. I love thos shades. However, when it’s about my favorite color in fashion I would have to say that my all-time favorite color is white, which to some people is not even a color haha. Well… I personally think that white goes with anything and anyone and in this post I am showing you three different white looks and one bright pink look to show you that in fashion land anything is possible and white is not overrated.

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By 28 januari 2016 LIFESTYLE

“I wish there was a Shazam for outfits, so I could easily know what people are wearing and purchase the same.” You know that quote? Well, your wish may just have come true. Cause I recently came across this app called Dejamoda which makes it easy to find similar budget items from what other people, for example celebs, are wearing. What?! Yes, let me tell you all about it!

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Mesh up

By 5 oktober 2013 OUTFIT

Wearing: c/o Frontrow Shop top (find here), Just Female jeans, New Look boots, c/o La Contrie leather bracelet (find here)

I’d say, you cannot mess up an outfit, wearing mesh. Especially the
black and white variants of mesh tops are so so cool. I love to keep it
simple with a minimal ensemble, in just one or two colours.
I love that my mesh top has these two V-lines, which makes it more
special and exciting. Also cool about mesh tops is the fact that they
keep you cool, but still cover up so you don’t look too summerish. Like, today
I went swimming, and I always find it so annoying to get dressed after
swimming for my hair’s wet and my body is all warmed which
makes my clothes feel sticky. So I was so happy to wear my mesh top.
Let me know what you think of this outfit.