Paris Fashion Week: Celebs spotted

All photos by me

I were in Paris from the 1st of March until the 4th.
I am so proud to say that I made all of these pictures myself.
I really felt like a groupie when I ran after Katy Perry, Anna Della Russo and Joan Smalls
to make these pictures. I acted like a little kid when showing them
to my friends "Look what I got, look wat I got".
I am much less proud to say that my own outfit wasn't all that at the time!
There's nothing special about highwaisted skinny jeans, a leather jacket
and some simple black boots. So really, when going to Paris Fahion Week
unexpecetedly, I wished I were invisible for just one hour.
Such a shame!
But hey, I learned my lesson:
A fashion girl like me should never look like shh.
Expecially not in Paris!
Photos of Paris Outfits which I am satisfied with will follow soon.


  1. Amazing pic dear.... lucky you on paris fashion week:) big woow....

  2. wow! this is so cool! You are soooo lucky!

  3. gorgeous pictures you were right there how cool!!!

  4. Wow great job!

    u did an amazing job.

    love those pics

    I love your blog,

    Followed you.
    Check out mine?

    <3 Una

  5. Great images :) loving the blue hair x

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  6. wow you took these yourself! Also how amazing, you saw Joan Smalls in the flesh!!!

    Anna B.

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